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Become a Book Marketing Expert With Lotus Sharp Author Support

We help authors and independent publishers market books more effectively

We are a group of publishing industry experts. Our mission is to help authors through the publishing process; from conception to securing a publishing contract, through production and then marketing. Lotus Sharp is here to help!

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About Us

Trusted Book Publishing Industry and Marketing Experts

If you have written a book, are thinking about writing a book or if you have already published a book but need help, then this is the right place for you. Unfortunately, Lotus Sharp has seen too many companies take advantage of people with a dream and thus authors lose money on services that offer the world and yield little to no return. Lotus Sharp can help you! We will teach you about the industry, how to market your book and give you advice so that you make the best possible choices. The publishing industry has evolved, therefore knowing if you should pursue a traditional contract, self-publish or use a hybrid publisher can be a difficult question to answer. Understanding if the contract you have been offered is a good deal can also be challenging. Joining our community is free and you will get a lot of great content and advice through this group. This is a space where you can network with other authors, which is vital if you want to find success in a crowded market. We also offer affordable paid for services to help you build a brand, choose the best route to publication and help vetting companies or services before you invest any money with them. Authors write because they want to share their expertise or a great story, this industry is ruthless, but Lotus Sharp will help you navigate it.

Rave Reviews

What Clients Have Said

We give our clients the option to choose the level of support they need and to suit their budget. We understand the amount of work, emotion, time and money that authors invest to bring their books to life. However, when it comes to marketing and promotion, many authors feel out of their depth but Lotus Sharp is here to guide and support you every step of the way.


 "Excellent, knowledgeable support, not only for the first time author but also their experience is essential for our new situation and will be there to help as the literary world accepts the new 'normal'"

Mike Richards

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"Excellent friendly advice. Always goes the extra mile."

Martin Wyatt


"I have had the pleasure of working with Lotus Sharp on a recent book release. They have an excellent understanding of the marketing subject matter area as well as displaying a deep knowledge of the publishing sector in general. Combining their extensive expertise with a very warm, positive and personable nature, I would have no hesitation in recommending Lotus Sharp"

Philip Grant

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