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Five Things to Remember When Building Your Author Brand.

I read a news article recently about Beyonce winning a legal battle to trademark her daughter’s name, preventing a wedding planning company from calling themselves “Blue Ivy”. Although some people will roll their eyes and say, “this is nothing more than a celebrity stunt to get press coverage!”. However, Beyonce understands the strength of a brand and Blue Ivy is not just her daughter’s name it is her brand and this is the reason why celebrity parents give their children unus

People do Judge a Book by its Cover, Title, Pen Name, Blurb, and Author Bio!

Many of us have the phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, drummed into us from an early age as a way to remind us that we should not judge people based on their physical appearance. However, customers do judge books by their cover, title, pen name, blurb and the author’s bio. If you are a relatively unknown author, you must do everything possible to make your book stand out in the crowded market. The marketing journey for your book should begin with these five elements.

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